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What makes our coffee so aromatic, so spicy, so sweet? …

A death defying trip fraught with danger, that’s what. Back in the days of the British Raj, the Malabar coffee bean sailed from India to Europe, navigating perilous oceans and treacherous coastlines. All the while the salted winds, rolling seas and sticky humidity was working some monsoonal magic, deepening the Malabar bean into a seductive flavour unmatched by any other. And so the ritual of ‘monsooning’ the Malabar bean was born.

These days, all Malabar beans have laid their adventuring days to rest, maturing to rich flavour in a Monsooning nursery. Here, the Malabar is nurtured for a full 16 weeks, exposed to the same sultry sea air, but without the death-defying trip. If aromatic, spicy and sweet sounds like your kind of thing, then Otto’s Monsooned Malabar Coffee is an adventure you want to get on!

The Favourites

Aromatic, Spicy, Sweet

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Roasted Coffee Beans

Monsooned Malabar Beans

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